Dental Treatment or a Dental Vacation?

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An Overall Experience of the dental tourism and touring spirit.


I enter into the Apollo Dental Spa and I’m stunned! Literally! Well, it is a 7 star Dental Spa. It’s not your usual dental clinic and is rightly called as a dental spa. I have a quick look the fish spa treatments, PSPs available in a corner for kids, Swedish massage, manicure, Jacuzzi with the ever smiling and stylish receptionist, the very ambience of the clinic and I cannot take it as a hospital! I enter the consultation room and the very presence of sophisticated technologies gives me an assurance. As I come out I see two foreign nationals entering the hospital and I can anticipate their response to the clinic, no the Dental Spa.


Many of the private dental clinics have braced themselves for dental tourism or dental vacation in India and are ready to welcome the foreigners with open, welcoming hands. With this infrastructure and technology it is not surprising that medical tourism is a growing sector in India with an annual growth rate of 30 % every year. Dental treatments forms 10 % of the total medical tourism and is projected to increase by 30 % by 2015! Medical tourism is pacing in a tremendous phase in India mainly because of the low cost and the high quality of treatments. The same holds good for dental tourism. But dental tourism has many more advantages when compared to tourism for medical treatments.

Dental Tourism India

People travel to overseas for treatment mainly for four reasons:

They do not have insurance and thus will not be able to afford the treatment

Very high waiting times

Treatment option is not available in the home country.

Better treatment and very personal attention at low cost

People from developed countries opt for medical tourism mainly due to the first two reasons. But for dental tourism there is an increased chance that you might want to step out of your country because dental procedures are not covered by insurance by many developed countries. If that is the case, then why not combine your dental procedure with a vacation in an incredible land like India? The overall dental tourism was initiated from – Indian Dental Market.


There is also another huge advantage for dental tourism or dental vacation as it rightly called. When you travel to a country for a medical procedure, no matter how much you try to combine a vacation and a medical treatment together, the anxiety is always there. But with the state of art technology, doctors who have graduated/practiced in the West and English speaking support staff and a soothing environment patients are rest assured. In India, it is more of an experience rather than a treatment. When you can experience the same quality treatment in a breathtaking ambience with only a fraction of your medical costs in your home country and combine a vacation to it, it is obvious that Dental Vacation is going to the next calling for Indian Healthcare. So would you prefer to a dental treatment or a dental vacation? The choice is entirely yours!

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