Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that might help in making your decision towards choosing medical tourism


  • Why does my treatment cost so low? The difference in cost is caused by labour and insurance costs, and not by a lack of quality.Many of our doctors have been educated and have worked in the USA or a developed European country. Many of our hospitals have a strategic partnership with leading US institutions such as Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical International.

  • If I deal directly with the hospital will my medical expenses cost less? No. There is a possibility that the hospital will charge you more. The benefit you have when you go through us is that we help you with a lot of information that we have already researched and additionally we are in a constant touch base with these hospitals which make us to provide the best of services in an affordable manner.

  • How will my concerns and fears of availing surgery in a foreign land be addressed? We fully understand the apprehensions and concerns when you are choosing to get your surgery away from home. We strongly urge everyone to ask questions that concern them most and only make the final decision once you are satisfied with the answers.We at Morulaa listen to what you say and do our best to give you an un-biased opinion and always try to provide you with all the relevant information to the best of our knowledge and experience.You will not be left alone without help anywhere you decide to go, unless you choose to. Before your trip, you will be briefed on what to expect.

  • I’m traveling for the first time in India. What if something goes wrong? The Holiday Healer will assign a personal care manager to you who will assist in all your medical and support services. Thus, we vow to be your ‘professional friend’ as well, in a city away from home.

  • What happens if I need follow up? We urge you to keep in touch with us once back home, as your continued healing process is important to us. We use email as an effective feedback and follow up system.In an unfortunate situation of any complication that may arise, we will evaluate the situation and deal with it accordingly.

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