Some of the treatments we specialize in include

Orthopedic & Spine


Organ Transplant

Fertility Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment


Cosmetic Surgery

Ophthalmology Procedures

Dental Procedures

Cost Comparison For Treatments

The cost comparison between the U.S, U.K and Indian treatments show that one can save upto 30 – 90 % of the treatment costs by selecting India as the Medical tourism destination with absolutely no compromise in the quality of care and technology

Treatment / ProcedureIndia ($)USA ($)UK ($)
Open Heart Surgery (CABG)$10,000$1,00,00$45,000
Total Knee Replacement$7,000$48,000$23,000
Total Hip Replacement$10,000$60,000$18,000
Heart Valve Replacement$10,000$1,00,000$53,000
Spinal Fusion$8,000$60,000$49,000
Face Lift$4,000$8,000$7,500
Breast Augmentation$5,000$8,000$7,500
Tummy Tuck$4,500$10,000$7,500
Dental Implants$1,000$3,500$3,000

Fun Facts

Some  interesting statistics regarding Medical Tourism


US$ Biliion Market Size


Million Patients Per Year


Percent Cost Reduction


Percent Travel with a Companion

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